More than an industry association,
we are an industry facilitator.

Our work began informally in 2013 as a conversation among industry leaders. It was clear that Freedom Business played critical role in the comprehensive solution to global crisis of human trafficking – survivors and those at risk of human trafficking need safe employment to remain free.

We became a registered nonprofit in 2015. Then, in 2019 we came together to deeply analyze the challenges facing Freedom Business.

Freedom Businesses exist to hire those most vulnerable to exploitation. Where most businesses aim to operate in business-friendly locations, Freedom Businesses often go where few businesses operate and employment opportunities are limited.

Our Member businesses were creating more than just safe employment, they were creating the structures of support survivors and those at-risk need in order to truly thrive.

We used a framework developed by Deloitte for Industry Facilitators of social enterprise to detail the challenges faced by Freedom Businesses and develop solutions that no single business could create on its own. Out of this analysis, we adopted three Strategic Priorities that guide our work.

What we do



We conduct the pioneering research needed to determine best practices in the restorative employment of survivors.


We provide consulting, coaching and training to help Freedom Businesses grow to create more jobs.


We are making Freedom Business famous, so people around the world can join in the business solution to human trafficking.

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We are a global alliance working to end human trafficking by addressing its economic roots.


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