Your gift will ensure our Member Businesses receive the continual training and business development opportunities that help create transformational jobs for survivors of human trafficking and those at risk.



Ten years ago there were no teenage girls in the village where one of our member businesses operates. All had been sold, trafficked into prostitution by the time they were twelve, to relieve their family’s abject poverty.

There are over 40 million trapped in modern slavery. And statistics show 80% of those rescued are re-trafficked if they do not have safe employment.

Trafficking stems from economic roots. Human trafficking prevention, restoration and reintegration require job creation to be effective.

Our Members have proven that business is a vital part of the solution. In rural Nepal traffickers targeted poor families until a Freedom Business created much needed jobs. Today villagers and local law enforcement work together to have traffickers arrested and prosecuted, declaring it a “No Trafficking Zone.” They report that girls are now staying in the village. The work has created true transformation in the community.

But the pioneering Freedom Business movement faces many barriers to growth that no single business can remove by itself. FBA removes those barriers so new jobs can be created.


Your gift supports Freedom Business growth

Employing survivors is a pioneering endeavor fraught with challenges that must be overcome. Your gift funds four core activities, vital to growing the number of jobs created for survivors and those at risk.


Your gift funds the pioneering research needed to determine best practices in the restorative employment of survivors.


Your gift funds consulting, coaching and training to help Freedom Businesses grow to create more jobs.


You are helping to make Freedom Business well-known, so people around the world can join in the business solution to human trafficking.


Your gift funds the creation of collaborative business opportunities, leveraging the power of our Alliance to grow.


$25 per month helps support our ongoing research initiatives that accelerate job creation

$50 pays for an annual business health check in

$75 ensures one Freedom Business receives digital media consultation from a leading industry expert

$100 pays for a Survivor Leadership workshop for one Freedom Business

$500 pays for a 6-month business fundamentals training plus coaching for one Freedom Business



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