We are in this together.



There are businesses that profit FOR people, not from them. They share bold vision and an even bolder model of operations. They evaluate success using multiple metrics, some of which cannot be measured by numbers. Their leaders work tirelessly on behalf of the exploited because the work of justice is not done. From hand crafted goods to coffee shops to technology and everything in between, these businesses are united by the common vision of freedom.

Freedom Business Alliance exists to help them succeed.


You came. You saw. You were moved to action.

You are not alone. We know you have faced the impossible every day. You have kept going when you had no idea what you were doing or how to fix it. You have been under staffed and underfunded, in incredibly challenging environments, without access to help or expertise.

But you have not given up because freedom is worth the cost.

We want to work together.


You have know how. You have time and resources. Your heart wants more.

You are needed. Regardless of the industry or business, learning from those who went before is key. Freedom Businesses have to be competitive and successful in order to bring freedom. You may not have expertise in freedom business, but you have experience in accounting, law, marketing, logistics, or farming. From A to Z, freedom entrepreneurs crave personal mentorship and assistance to grow a business that could literally change the world.

You can be part of it.

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