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We can’t wait to work with you to plan and prepare your Launch collection. But before we can get started, please set up the monthly payment plan. Select your preferred payment method below, complete your payment details, and your account will be automatically billed $150 per month for 8 months through December 2021 as specified in our Program Proposal.

Once set up is complete, we will reach out to begin onboarding consultation!

What’s Ahead

MAY 2021

Buildout & Onboarding

We will begin working with participating Freedom Businesses to select up to 12 products from their line best suited for success on the joint wholesale platform.

Project tasks

  • Consulting on product and pricing
  • Selecting and editing product photos
  • Developing the online platform
  • Loading all products
  • Solidifying backend processes

JUNE 2021

Launch & Promote

By June we will launch the online platform, promoting it to leads developed during the month of May.

Project tasks

  • Onboard Freedom Business aggregators
  • Subscribe target leads to launch list
  • Send out launch announcements
  • Engage in direct account outreach

JULY 2021

Plans & Expansion

By July we will be ready to expand collections to include more products.

Project tasks

  • Continue account development
  • Build a Holiday Season prospect list
  • Begin curating a 2021 Holiday Collection
  • Add and promote new products


Holiday Promotion

Independent retailers will begin planning and purchasing for 2021 Holidays. We will promote a special holiday collection and begin processing orders.

Project tasks

  • Feature Holiday Collection on the platform
  • Consult participants on inventory and ordering
  • Launch special Holiday campaign
  • Support increased order volume

Got Questions?

Please reach out to Laurel Harmon via email. Also, feel free to review the topics covered in our informational meeting below.

Wholesale Program Proposal Highlights

With Rachel Rose Nelson & Laurel Harmon

02:52 – Rachel discusses the vision and ethos of the program

07:38 – Laurel answers: Why the focus on 2021 Holidays?

11:35 – Rachel explains the program requirements

11:55 – Rachel highlights the services included in the program

18:00 – Laurel shares about the marketing plan

27:04 – Rachel reviews the program pricing & next steps


With Freedom Business Leaders

29:16 – Kristin asks about inventory management

32:51 – Jennifer asks about a strategic alliance with Buy Social

35:15 – Eva Lena asks about the requirement for a US Bank Account

38:18 – Eva Lena asks about branding the joint collection

43:33 – Ryan Berg asks about the program timeline

47:22 – Cara asks about logistics services

51:57 – Robin asks about collections by aggregators such as Rethreaded and Better Way

54:10 – Rachel speaks on white label, custom and pre-order products

58:26 – Robin asks about the 0% commission on orders to existing accounts

01:00:00 – Robin asks about product limits

01:01:18 – Annie asks about collaborating on large quality orders

01:04:36 – Annie asks about FBA issuing a certification along the lines of Fair Trade

01:08:54 – Caroline asks about integration with platforms other than Shopify

01:11:05 – Caroline asks the rollover of 0% commission of the first $1,000 of sales per month

01:12:56 – Kristy asks about the timing of Holiday orders

01:17:03 – Robin asks about sales promotions



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