A new beginning in every bottle

Written By Freedom Business Alliance

As the small group of American students sat on the floor of a rudimentary health clinic near GB Road in Delhi, they listened to the stories of women trapped in the degradation and poverty of the brothel district. One woman, Pushpa, issued an indictment that reverberated through the voice of the translator and landed like a thunderclap on the heart of Dr. Vanessa Bouché, a professor and researcher on human trafficking.


Some people exploit us for our bodies, but people like you are exploiting us for our stories, while nothing changes for us.”


“What do you need?” replied Bouché.

“We need dignified employment to get out of this dirty business!”

Savhera was born out of this dramatic encounter. It is a wellness company offering premium essential oils and related products while creating dignified employment for survivors of sex trafficking. The name, chosen by their first employees, means “morning” or “new beginning.” Savhera is both a benefit corporation and a fast-growing global community experiencing new beginnings together.

“Every day our employees experience our values of dignity, integrity, and excellence through a trauma-informed workplace that honors their worth.”

Bouché and her growing team have created a healing environment supported by their proprietary P.I.E.S. Human Development Model™ that creates opportunity for professional development as survivors rise up from their past.

“Our customers, too, experience the integrity of pure essential oils that meet our P.E.T.A.L.S. Purity Promise.™”

That promise includes certified organic oils, sustainable packaging, meditations to inspire mindfulness, and the excellence of supporting a double-bottom line fostering freedom around the world.

Pushpa, the woman who boldly proclaimed her worth and whose words catalyzed a movement, is now an inspiration to untold women and men across the globe. She looks back and recalls, “I never thought my words had so much power.”



Learn more at savhera.com

*Join Savhera founder Dr. Vanessa Bouché and Executive Director Rachel Rose Nelson for conversation about women’s economic empowerment, inspiration and healing centered care on Instagram LIVE @freedombusinessalliance, March 22nd, 2022 at 7:00 pm CST.

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