We have all been adversely impacted by COVID-19. Some of the most vulnerable groups affected are those currently subject to human trafficking, and those who have survived it. A large proportion of FBA’s members directly employ human trafficking survivors and therefore face unique challenges other businesses may not encounter during this crisis. These challenges include intense pressure to avoid layoffs which lead to loss of income and increased vulnerability of workers to re-trafficking and exploitation. There are also pressing health and safety concerns for workers due to living conditions less than ideal for quarantine restructions.


Key Questions to Ask and Answer

What can Freedom Businesses do to care for survivors of human trafficking during COVID-19?

How may the current pandemic ‘normal’, which includes practices such as government-enforced lockdowns and social distancing, trigger past trauma in survivors?

How can we be sensitive in our workplace practices so that our attempts to help do not cause hurt?

How can we be vigilant in spotting signs of abuse in workers and offer support?


Please look below for resources we’ve gathered to help answer these questions.



A Guide for Survivors of Sex Trafficking During COVID-19

by Sanctuary for Families

27 March 2020 

A guide written to empower survivors and service providers with psychoeducation on how COVID-19 might be particularly triggering for survivors of human trafficking. This guide was written by a survivor of sex and labor trafficking and a licensed mental health clinician.


COVID-19: Guidance for employers and business to enhance migrant worker protection during the current health crisis

by International Organization for Migration (IOM)

7 April 2020

Some of the workers in Freedom Businesses may be survivors that are now adjusting to life in a foreign country. Even for those that are not foreigners but are nationals, they may have left their family and support networks to find jobs in distant parts of the country. This resource provides guidance to employers on how to more effectively respond to the impact of COVID-19 and to enhance protections for migrant workers in their operations and supply chains.


COVID-19: Survivors & the Workplace

by Workplaces Respond to Domestic and Sexual Violence

Although this webpage contains a wealth of resources for US-based members (including state-specific protections, benefits and assistance for survivors), there is also useful information for employers in other contexts. This resource provides information on how to support survivors during these difficult times when their socio-economic challenges may be exacerbated and pose a very real threat to their personal safety. Worth highlighting is their Special Report on “Supporting Workers Experiencing Violence During the Pandemic.”

Additional Resources

Spotting the signs of economic abuse during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

How to include marginalised and vulnerable people in risk communication and community engagement (Relief Web)

If you would like more support or information on how to care for your workers during COVID-19, please email priscilla@freedombusinessalliance.com


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