Beauty Breaking Through

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Beauty for Ashes Nepal was born in 2009 when two American women, Ellen and Nisha, recognized a need for employment among Nepali women who had courageously stepped out of human trafficking.


We began with just three women, creating unique jewelry pieces we brought back to the States to sell at local markets. Our belief then is the same today – anyone can have a bright future and a hope.


That’s why Beauty for Ashes committed to offer long-term employment that provides a safe and family-oriented environment for our women to grow and develop.

Today Beauty For Ashes Nepal has developed into an online wholesale business with 35 women and 1 man employed. Over the years Ellen and Nisha have had an increased desire to get to the root of the local trafficking problem and spent years praying over a particular region of Nepal known for trafficking young women.

“This led us to expand to a remote location where trafficking is all too common and education is not readily available. This office may be a 2-hour hike from the road, but we knew it would be worth the effort required.”

Nine women from various houses in the area were hired and given months of training. This office is now successfully making the brand’s signature metalsmith world map necklaces along with their jewelry drawstring gift bags and much more.

“Like our name, the goal of our product is to bring beauty from what has been discarded.”

Their fabric comes from used, upcycled saris in a vast array of colors, used to make beautiful kimono, bags, and hair accessories. Their metalsmith pieces are hand cut, taking up to three-hours to create. Artisans spend months learning the skills needed to turn plain sheets of brass and mixed metal into little works of art.

“Our heart and vision as a company continues to be redemption and to see the fullness of freedom and beauty breaking through in the most dire of circumstances.”

To fulfill this vision, the business offers a living wage, retirement fund, gratuity, insurance and a medical fund to long-term employees. They encourage education and offer classes in reading, writing and English plus scholarship funds to staff and their children looking to further their education.

“As we watch the women in our offices grow, learn new skills, and become independent, we believe we are seeing beauty and restoration in each of their stories.”



Want to learn more about Beauty for Ashes? Visit their website.

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