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About The Forum

About The Forum


  • Freedom business owners and operators (members)
  • The people who can help them succeed - particularly those with entrepreneurial experience or business expertise (partners)
  • Like-minded individuals seeking to understand the issue and find opportunity to engage within their own sphere of influence (including academics, foundation and NGO representatives, and investors) (like-minded)

Why should I attend?

  • Find and follow a path to profitability
  • Build community for your freedom journey
  • Connect to strategic opportunities
  • Use your business to profit FOR people, not from them
  • Engage with and contribute to the Freedom Business movement


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Bill Job

Since Bill & Kitty Job arrived in Xiamen in 1987, their vision and innovative techniques have virtually transformed the global glass industry, and at the same time they've brought about changes to Fujian as well by providing employment opportunities to villagers in impoverished mountain regions.

The Meixia company, Xiamen’s first solely foreign-owned enterprise, grew from a modest investment of $10,000 in 1988 to an estimated worth of over $2 million by 2000. A 1992 Wall Street Journal recognized Bill Job as a “pioneer business spirit and innovative artist,” and a leader in the stained glass industry.

Bill Job's unique woven "Job Glass®", made from scrap that he once paid to have carted off and buried, is one of the most innovative types of glass to be produced in centuries.

Born and raised in Tennessee but moved his wife Kitty and two young daughters to China in 1987. Bill has been developing five businesses there where he continues to live.  His oldest granddaughter, now 13, is deaf-blind with all other associated disorders from being born as a micro-preemie. He has 7 grandchildren with the last one coming from the orphanage in his city. Bill enjoys driving his Cobra replica and building and flying airplanes.  But his greatest love is learning and relearning how to walk with God.

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Gray Shipley

Gray leads Birmingham Technology Group, a manufacturing innovation company based in Birmingham, Alabama, which seeks to reinvigorate Birmingham’s rich manufacturing heritage by providing world class custom fabrication and other manufacturing services. Gray brings broad experience working with investors and companies to fix and build businesses in need of improved growth, strategic direction, or operational efficiency.


Gray leads Birmingham Technology Group, a manufacturing innovation company based in Birmingham, Alabama, which seeks to reinvigorate Birmingham’s rich manufacturing heritage by providing world class custom fabrication and other manufacturing services. Gray brings broad experience working with investors and companies to fix and build businesses in need of improved growth, strategic direction, or operational efficiency.


Gray was previously CEO of Movi Medical, taking over amid numerous performance challenges and leading a turnaround that brought a major correction in the sales strategy and a 66% improvement in cost of goods within 12 months Prior to Movi, Gray worked with numerous companies on business and process improvement, including a stint leading international consulting projects at EnPro Industries, a global manufacturer of industrial componentry Gray’s experience includes start-up ventures, business development, M&A execution, and interim CEO and COO roles across manufacturing, agribusiness, healthcare, IT, and financial services industries.


Bachelor of Science, Engineering, University of Alabama, cum laude – 1998 Masters of Business Administration, Edward Tuck Scholar, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College – 2004.


A native of Raleigh, North Carolina, Gray serves on the board of Cedarworks, a Birmingham-based non-profit that promotes investment in ‘Business as Missions’ Gray is a partner and advisor in a variety of ventures, including Shift Agent Labs, a software firm in the labor management arena, and Shipley Farms, a pasture-raised beef business based on his family’s farm in the Appalachian Mountains.

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Laura Cordisco Tsai

is a Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University and a Visiting Scholar at New York University. Dr. Cordisco Tsai is a social work practitioner and researcher specializing in economic empowerment interventions for survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence.

She helped launch and provides technical oversight at 10ThousandWindows, a nonprofit organization in the Philippines that prepares survivors of human trafficking for employment and connects them to safe and sustainable employment opportunities. She holds a BA from Brown University and MSSW and PhD from Columbia University.

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Christa Foster Crawford

Christa is an international consultant providing resources and expert advice to empower the anti-trafficking movement. Since 2001, Christa has lived in Thailand working at the grassroots and policy levels with the United Nations, International Justice Mission, and as co-founder of Just Food, Inc./The Garden of Hope. With her husband, a former award-winning training manager with the Ritz Carleton, she opened a boutique bed and breakfast, a culinary training center, and the first Western-style Internet café in Chiang Mai in 2003. While small in scale these ventures were pioneers in providing professional training in viable, sustainable alternatives to prostitution.

Christa now focuses on maximizing the impact of Freedom Businesses and NGOs. She develops curriculum, delivers practitioner training, and teaches academic courses. She is also a BAM mentor for the BAM Review and co-founder of the Centre for Social Impact at Payap International College.

Christa is founder of Freedom Resource International, a strategic partnership equipping the anti-trafficking movement for greater effectiveness through training and capacity building, resource development and sharing, expert advice, and strategic-level impact. A professional speaker, she has also authored and edited numerous articles and books including Stopping the Traffick and Finding Our Way through the Traffick. Christa is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Claremont McKenna College.

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Khalilah Cooper

Khalilah Cooper is the leader of Service Innovation & Design at Chick-fil-A, Inc. She is responsible for ensuring the guest experience at Chick-fil-A remains best in class by developing and deploying innovative service processes and tools.

Her team works diligently to support Chick-fil-A Restaurants as they consistently execute a “Remark”able service experience to every guest, every day. Stemming from her passion for leadership development, Khalilah helped to start a grassroots organization at Chick-fil-A, called Women in Business, dedicated to the professional development of female talent within the company. Since its inception in 2014, Women in Business has grown to a movement of about 350 members.

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Artie Sposaro serves as an Experience Leader on the Service Innovation & Design team at Chick-fil-A Corporate. He leads the front end of the innovation process for projects in Urban and Mall restaurants and consults to service design more broadly.

He sits on the leadership team for the group and captains a small team of Experience Leaders. Outside of the Service Innovation & Design team Artie serves as an Innovation Coach offering innovation guidance to staff across the organization. Twice annually, he participates in the Foresight Forum, Chick-fil-A’s long-term planning workshop. He regularly mentors corporate staff and has consistently led and engaged in culture, diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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Lauren FladgeR

serves as an Experience Leader with the Service Innovation & Design team at Chick-fil-A, a large American restaurant chain. Her role focuses on designing easier and more memorable experiences for guests in licensed restaurants (airports, hospitals, and university campuses).

Before joining Chick-fil-A, Lauren was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, a global strategy consultancy. Lauren holds a law degree from University of Chicago and a chemical engineering degree from the University of Michigan. She is originally from Detroit, Michigan, and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her Goldendoodle puppy, Otis Redding.

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Sam Dharmapala

created Regenesys BPO, an outsourcing company based in the Philippines that employs survivors of slavery in technology-centric jobs. He started his career in the Australian outback as an engineer optimizing furnace reactors. He then worked in financial services for 14 years with global banks including JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank across Europe and Asia.

He has had a lifelong passion to find innovative ways to help the poor and four years ago was inspired by anti-slavery movement to start Regenesys BPO, which harnesses technology and corporate digital supply chains to help survivors walk the last mile of their restoration. Sam works together with his wife Mindy, a medical doctor who shares the same passion for working with adolescents and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds. Their lives are continually enriched by their two children, Benjamin and Grace.

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Jared Solid

is an Experience Leader in Chick-fil-A’s Service Innovation and Design Team. He is responsible for leading innovation and strategy for the Drive-Thru experience to ensure Guests have quick, accurate but never rushed experiences. The Drive-Thru.

Before joining Chick-fil-A, Jared worked with small businesses to organize and scale their online web presence through IT consulting and web design. While his early career was rooted in Information Technology, he has found a new passion in service process design. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A in Management Information Systems. Born and raised in Georgia, Jared currently lives in Atlanta, GA.

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Bill Job

Kerry Hilton

Kerry & Annie Hilton are Kiwis with a particular bias towards the poor, oppressed, the lonely and the outcast. In 1999 they moved to Calcutta, India and naively found an apartment on the doorstep of the city’s largest red light district, a place where poverty is no stranger.

Setting out to make a difference, the Hiltons took up the challenge of founding a business to bring the choice of freedom for women trapped in prostitution. After spending two years getting to know neighbors and doing a bit of research they opened the doors of Freeset, providing 20 women with dignified employment and importantly freedom from prostitution. Along with on the job training Freeset offers services such as basic education, health care, budgeting advice and a children’s nursery. Today, Freeset’s strives to offer the choice of freedom to as many as possible and currently employs around 300 women.

With a vision of seeing more than 10,000 women free Kerry & Annie launched a new business venture in 2012. The Freeset Business Incubator aims to plant new freedom businesses at source and destination in West Bengal, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Freeset products are environmentally friendly and the business is Fair Trade certified. More than 200,000 customized jute bags are produced each year as well as 100% organic cotton tee shirts, hand woven cotton scarves and cotton pants for the export market. Freeset products are sold into more than 25 countries.

Human trafficking, poverty and social justice are issues Kerry grapples with every day. An engaging storyteller, Kerry is motivated by God’s kind of justice, his heart for the poor and the responsibility we all have as global citizens.

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Michelle McDonald Pride

Michelle is the Founder of Hazel & Deene and The Foundry Marketplace. She began her career in finance working as a wealth manager at Linsco Private Ledger. She created and transitioned 3 successful businesses prior to Hazel & Deene. 

She has traveled the world to speak on the use of business to create change and also works as a consultant to other social enterprises. She has previously collaborated with numerous global nonprofits, universities, and multi-national corporations. Michelle holds a BA in Economics and Theology and a MA in International Development from Wheaton College.

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Matthew fairfax

As President/CEO of James Alan Salon & Spa in Seattle, Washington and a small business consultant extraordinaire, Matthew Fairfax is leading the next generation of entrepreneurs toward their financial goals.

He is the former Chair of both the Dale Turner Family YMCA and the Center for Human Services, a multi-service agency providing support to families and youth.

As President/CEO of James Alan Salon & Spa in Seattle, Washington and a small business consultant extraordinaire, Matthew Fairfax is leading the next generation of entrepreneurs toward their financial goals. It is no wonder that his salon was selected as Washington CEO Magazine’s “Best Company to Work For” in both 2003 and 2005. Matthew purchased the salon in 1999 and increased revenue by over 200% in less than 10 years! A graduate of the University of Washington’s Executive Development Program with over 25 years of involvement in all aspects of Human Resources, and Principal of Northern Torch Consulting, Matthew has now turned his attention to teaching cosmetology skills to traffic survivors and other at-risk youth. In 2012, he and his colleague, Lauren Ebright, co-founded the Justice and Soul Foundation and in 2013, Matthew sold all his belongings and moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He now oversees both the salon and academy in Cambodia while his team in Seattle manages James Alan Salon & Spa. He is the former Chair of both the Dale Turner Family YMCA and the Center for Human Services, a multi-service agency providing support to families and youth.

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Mike Falkenberry

serves as Integration Team Lead at Chick-fil-A, the largest chicken fast-food chain in the U.S. His primary role is to coach Integration Leaders as they scale service innovations for maximum positive impact.

Mike enjoys strategic planning and financial investing, applying this by leading core planning for Marketing. Mike earned an M.B.A from Emory University. He also has a personal passion for wisdom literature, holding a Master’s degree in Literature from Florida State University. He and his wife Lucinda reside in Kennesaw, Georgia and coach their four children together through high-school and college.

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Dr. Mindy Gill (MBBS, FRACGP, MPH)

s a physician with a background in family medicine and international health programming. With seven years experience in health programs in developing countries, she has expertise in curriculum development, program monitoring and evaluation, staff training and capacity building, and women’s and children’s health.

She has been working among trafficking survivors and vulnerable adolescents since 2014, both within her husband’s social enterprise (Regenesys BPO) and the wider community. Her work involves programs to address health outcomes among these populations, core skills development within the workplace, and research concerning the reintegration process for trafficking survivors.

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Monika Majors

is an Experience Leader in Chick-fil-A’s Service Innovation and Design Team. She leads strategy for the inside service experience to create and commercialize new customer experiences. Prior to Chick-fil-A, Monika launched an internet startup that helps accelerate fundraising capacity for non-profits (NGOs). 

Monika believes "innovation is the lifeblood of a business" and she has spent 20 years leading 10+ global brands on various innovation journeys. She earned a MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and her B.A. in Economics from Spelman College and minored in French. Monika lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, John, daughter, Lola and dog, Capone and enjoys snow skiing, long distance cycling and Tai Chi.

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Our schedule will be updated regularly. We're planning inspiring plenaries, informative (and interactive) workshops that focus on the real needs of freedom businesses, one-on-one mentoring sessions with industry experts, and plenty of networking opportunities!

The schedule is currently being finalized, but we're glad to share some of the excellent content you can expect! You can look forward to sessions on topics like:

  • Market Research: Building your Skills
  • Asking the Hard Questions: Profit vs. Purpose
  • Closing the Deal: the Art of the Hard Sell
  • Turning Around a Failing Business
  • Creating Raving Fans
  • Business Innovation and Product Development
  • Finding Money for your Business
  • Building Robust Supply Chains
  • How to Up-skill your Employees
  • Human Resources in Freedom Business
  • Bridging the Gap - How business people can work with freedom businesses

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FBA is a source of encouragement and motivation. Working in somewhat isolated locations can be lonely and discouraging. It can feel daunting to maintain momentum. Knowing that we are a part of a broader network of people working towards the same goals (freedom for the exploited) is motivating on days when it’s hard to push on.
— Freedom Business Entrepreneur, Nepal