The Human Trafficking Crisis





Today people are trapped in modern slavery, being beaten, abused, raped and exploited. When they are finally rescued, survivors need dignified jobs in a supportive environment. Without such jobs the cycle of trafficking continues.



of those rescued & without jobs are retrafficked

How Human Trafficking Happens


Traffickers buy and exploit people vulnerable due to extreme poverty

Desperate families send or sell their children for promises of work

Perpetrators use threats, violence and other tactics of control

The Journey to Freedom


Rescue organizations free victims of trafficking and exploitation

Restoration organizations provide counseling and rehabilitation

After counseling, survivors need training and dignified jobs

That’s where we come in

Freedom Businesses create jobs needed by survivors. The support of our Allies ensures these businesses gain access to the resources they need to grow and create more transformational jobs. Together, we can end the cycle of trafficking for good.

how your monthly gift helps


Employing survivors is a pioneering endeavor fraught with challenges that must be overcome. Your gift funds four core activities, vital to growing the number of jobs created for survivors and those at risk.


Your gift funds the pioneering research needed to determine best practices in the restorative employment of survivors.


Your gift funds consulting, coaching and training to help Freedom Businesses grow to create more jobs.


Your gift funds awareness campaigns, so people around the world can join in support of Freedom Business.


Your gift funds the creation of collaborative business opportunities, leveraging the power of our Alliance to grow.

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