How to Work on your Relationship during a Pandemic?

How to Work on your Relationship during a Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has given birth to unprecedented levels of distress on a global level. Such global upset can translate and trickle down to a personal level, when it comes to relationships.

After all, sheltering in your home with partner adds extra pressure, while rendering sources of personal perspective and rendering normal outlets-things like going to work or visiting friends are altered or entirely moot. Couples are looking for couples counseling West Palm Beach to make sure that their bond is intact even in this hard time.

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or just adjusting to each other, here are some tips that will help you to keep your relationship healthy during coronavirus pandemic

1. Understand how your partner respond to stress:

It’s often easy to assume that everyone reacts to the stress in the same manner. However, this is not the case. You and your might partner might have different coping mechanisms to mitigate with the pandemic-related triggers. And, if the responses to stress of you and your partner vary greatly, then it becomes difficult to baffle each other unless you take initiative of openly expressing the things.

2. Keep communication open and going:

Pandemic situation is truly scary, hence it is important that you air your worries and fears. While your partner can’t be sole support, you can surely rely on them for solace and the things that are making you anxious.

If you and your partner don’t have this type of open communication, you can set each other mutual support by asking questions like this:

• How are you feeling today?

• How about the week overall?

• Is there anything I can do to be a better partner today?

One exercise from couples counseling called uninterrupted listening can help you in deepening this type of communication.

3. Carve out designated space:

You might have heard that it is helpful to designate a “work” space, while working from home. Since we are restricted to indoors, it is crucial to identify and label different areas for different tasks.

Carve out designated space: a nook for doing yoga and meditation, a table for sharing phone-free meals. Adding these spaces provide you with sense of boundaries and autonomy you might be craving.

4. Keep major decisions on the backburner:

If you and your partner planned to make some big choices on the horizon, in the current situation it is good to hold it to the extent possible. After all, making a sound decision is impossible when there are so many unpredictable variables, from job security to the everyday health of ourselves and near and dear ones.

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