The Human Trafficking Crisis


People Trafficked

Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business, trading in people.

Creating safe and sustainable jobs is critical to ending the cycle of vulnerability at the root of this global crisis.

How Human Trafficking Happens


People from under-resourced communities around the world are vulnerable to human trafficking

Traffickers buy and exploit people who are vulnerable

Perpetrators use threats, violence and other tactics of control

The Journey to Freedom


Victims find freedom from exploitation through a variety of exit-ramps

Restoration organizations provide counselling and rehabilitative services to survivors

Freedom Businesses offer training and safe jobs

That’s where we come in.

Freedom Business Alliance is an Industry Facilitator, removing barriers to growth and scale that no single business can address on its own. We do this through industry-wide awareness, research, and training. Our Partners, Allies and Advocates support and advance these efforts.

Together we can end the cycle of trafficking for good.



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