Freedom Business Forum Chiang Mai, Thailand 2017 


1. What do the registration fees cover?

Your registration fee covers the cost of all sessions at the forum (plenary, workshop, consulting sessions, etc.), your conference materials, and four meals – a welcome dinner, our closing banquet, and two lunches. Your ticket choice includes the option to reserve and pay for accommodation at the Forum hotel (the Imperial Mae Ping) at a special conference rate.

2. What are the accommodation options?

You can reserve a single room for $215 USD or share a room for $115 USD per bed. All Forum hotel options include lodging for four nights (arriving on August 20th and departing on August 24th), plus breakfast meals, at the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel. You are not obligated to stay at the Forum hotel, but may find it convenient for networking purposes.

3. I am coming with a friend/colleague and we would like to share a double room, would that be possible?

Yes, we can arrange for your room-mate to be your friend/colleague/spouse, as long as they are registered to attend the conference as well. Please give us the name of your preferred room-mate when you register. You do not have to register at the same time, but you must BOTH pay the "shared room" fee of $115 USD in order to secure both beds in a room.

4. I would like to arrange my own housing, is that OK or must all participants stay at the Imperial Mae Ping?

Participants can make arrangements for their own housing. You are not obligated to stay at the Imperial Mae Ping hotel; however, the hotel is giving us a fantastic rate, and you may find it more convenient to stay there.

5. I am arriving the day before the conference / I am staying a day later. Can I pay the for the extra days when I register for the conference?

No, that is not possible. Our agreement with the hotel is for our guests to arrive on the 20th and depart on the 24th; therefore, arrangements for any extra days will have to be made separately.


6. Who should attend the forum?

The conference is designed for three main groups: freedom business owners and operators (members); and the people who can help them succeed (partners), particularly those with entrepreneurial experience or business expertise. Additionally, a number of spaces will be reserved for individuals seeking to understand the issue and find opportunity to get involved within their own sphere of influence. This includes people from academia, foundation and NGO representatives, and investors.

7. What are the arrival and departure dates for the forum?

The arrival date is August 20th and departure is after breakfast on the morning of August 24th 2017. The forum begins with an opening banquet at 6pm on the 20th.

8. Will my airport pick up and drop off be organized by the forum?

No. Ground transportation from the airport is inexpensive and readily available (via taxi and tuk-tuk). You will receive more detailed instructions on transportation before the event.

9. Will there be translation or will the forum only be in English?

All sessions at this year’s forum will be in English. If you require translation, you will need to arrange for a translator.

10. I have registered, what next?

You will receive an email from us with more information once you have successfully registered.


11. Are the registration and hotel fees refundable?

Cancellations made before May 30th 2017 are eligible for a 50% refund; after that date, no refunds are possible.

12. Would it be possible to receive an invoice for my payment?

Yes, that is possible. Just indicate when you register that you would like an invoice and we will prepare one for you.

13. How can my organization become a forum sponsor?

Contact Jennifer Tunehag here if you are interested in becoming a sponsor!


14. My question isn’t listed here. How can I reach you?

Please email us here and we will endeavour to respond within three working days. For urgent questions and requests, please call Daniel in Thailand on +66 (0) 640 801 638

15. Can I exhibit my products or services at the Forum? What is the procedure, and how much does it cost?

Yes, there will be space for you to promote your business services or sell products. Please send us an email here to let us know that you would like to reserve a table.


16. What airport should I use?

Your destination airport is Chiang Mai, airport code CNX. Many flights coming from outside Thailand will connect in Bangkok. Please book carefully, as there is another destination in Thailand with the very similar name of Chiang Rai. You DO NOT want to land there.

17. What currency do they use in Thailand and can I exchange foreign currency there?

Thailand’s currency is the Thai baht which you can get at the ATMs. Currencies like the CAD, CHF, EUR, USD and others may be changed at the airport and at the forex bureau offices. If you are unsure about being able to exchange your country’s currency for Thai Baht, please verify online (or contact us).

18. Do I need any vaccinations when going to Thailand?

Check with your local hospital to learn what vaccinations or immunizations are recommended for your trip. This link here has more information as well.

19. What type of electrical plugs are used in Thailand? Do I need to bring an adapter?

Most hotels in Thailand can accommodate both American and European electrical plugs (types A, C, and F).

20. Are there any cultural differences that I need to be aware of when it comes to clothing or behaviour?

You can read about do’s don’ts in Thailand here.

21. Can I drink the water at the hotel?

The hotel water is safe for brushing your teeth but we would highly recommend that you purchase bottled water for consumption.

22. What will the weather be like in August? What kind of clothes will be appropriate?

The temperature in August will be between 26-30 degrees Celsius (78.8-86 Fahrenheit) and a high chance of rain as it will be rainy season. Therefore, have some comfortable and waterproof shoes at hand and you’ll be fine. Most hotels in Thailand have the airconditioning on so it might be very cold inside the hotel, please bring warm jackets for that.

23. Do I need a visa for Thailand?

It is your responsibility to find out if you need a visa for the Forum. Most countries have visa-free entry into Thailand; follow this link to check the list at here. Our team can assist you with a letter of invitation should you need one, but MUST start this process well in advance of the event, since getting a visa may be time consuming.

24. When going into town or if want to take a taxi, do people in general understand English?

Most people understand basic or very limited English; however, since it is a touristy area you should be able to get around without any problem.


25. Where can I get more information about the optional site visit to Cambodia?

Follow this link for more information! Please note that space for the site visit is limited. Contact us here if you are interested in this option.